Patients that want to cover large surface areas can expect realistic and complete results from just a few SMP procedures. On average, an individual’s scalp has 100,000 hair follicles, and each one will need to be accounted for to achieve the best results. The number of follicles present on one’s scalp is determined by genetics, blonde’s average 150,000 follicles, while brown-haired and redheads average 90 to 110, 000. Considering there are 600 to 650 follicles present per square inch of the scalp, each of which needs to be accounted for, even a slightly larger area of treatment requires a significant amount of treatment.


The main factors considered when assessing a patient’s skin is the resilience of the skin on an individual’s scalp, as well as the presence of any scarring from past trauma. Skin that is very resilient and thick tends to demand more treatments to properly match colors and achieve the highest quality possible, however skin that is too sensitive requires the technician to exercise excessive caution, which may increase the amount of time needed to complete the SMP process. Scarring can especially complicate the process, this is because a scarred area of skin is made of thick layers of tissue that are not always as receptive to SMP treatment.