Lichen Planopilaris Cover Up

A quick google search on Lichen Planopilaris may lead one to believe that there exist no medical treatments for the prevention of hair loss as a result of this genetic condition. Some blogs may suggest avoiding certain foods, while others claim medications such as creams, gels and tablets can help tame and minimize hair loss. While there to exist cases in which these remedies have succeeded, they are far from guaranteed solutions and rely on several external factors to be effective; as a result, some individuals may benefit while others may find no effect. Surprisingly, few blogs will suggest SMP as a guaranteed solution to the dreaded hair loss associated with Lichen Planopilaris. SMP, or Scalp Micropigmentation creates the look of fuller hair through the insertion of pigmentation. Afflicted with Lichen Planopilaris and nothing is working for you? Don’t lose hope, SMP may be the solution you’ve been searching for! Custom Hair Clinic is proud to have been able to help victims of Lichen Planopilaris in similiar situations. Before and after photos of one of our beloved client’s procedures can be seen below; safe to say he feels more confident than ever. Your self-confidence is key, don’t settle for anything less than your best. Sincerely,Shawn